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Position yourself early with leaders that have previously built teams of 65,000+ people in 20+ countries and know how to support global growth.

Get exclusive access to our proven training programs, calls and webinars, and support community to help you grow your business.

Brand yourself & generate leads with your own fully customizable online marketing system. This is unlike anything you’ve seen in the industry!

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What Is Epic Era & What Makes It So Unique?

An Epic Vision & CEO

Epic is a social community of like-minded individuals empowering each other to live their dreams and accomplish their goals. The Epic products, program and people engage everyday to foster an environment to help make these dreams a reality!
Our foundation begins with a visionary that has proven success in the direct sales industry. Glen Jensen has not only proven the ability to be successful once but has been the founder of two companies that have been part of the Direct Sales Association 100 top companies. Watch this video message explaining his vision for Epic.

An Epic Strategic Alliance

Epic has a strategic alliance with eCosway, a member of the Berjay Group of Companies. Epic is leveraging the security and infrastructure of eCosway to have an international presence from day one. This provides Epic with unparalleled stability, resources and global reach and gives its members the confidence they need to build a secure, profitable and long-lasting residual income.

eCosway is a 34 year old international company

500 million in annual revenue in 17 countries

One of the leading global direct sales companies

Berjaya Group

Ecosway Corporate Headquarters

A Special Message From Billionaire Vincent Tan, Berjaya Group Majority Shareholder

An Epic Opportunity

Though Epic’s powerful direct sales model, combined with cutting edge social media platforms, online tools & training and a thriving community leaders, your opportunity to create a LEGACY income is unparalleled.

Your timing couldn’t be better, as Epic Era is planning to ship products to 16 countries in the next 2 months, and open pre-enrollment in dozens more countries through the global positioning program.

Epic Era Profit Plan

The $100 Million Performance Program

We realize that top talent in any industry should have the recognition and respect that they deserve. We take it a step further by providing the extra compensation they deserve.

Epic Era has created a $100 Million fund and rewards leaders with anywhere from $5000 – $20,000+ per month for 6 months, based on their monthly business volume. The Epic Era performance program is in addition to the compensation earned through the Profit Plan. Click the button below to learn more about the program and how you can participate:

Epic Era Performance Program

Epic Products

The product line has been specially formulated to deliver an Epic experience, using proprietary technology to feed the body with what it needs to work in its optimal state.

It’s simple — Epic delivers products that make a huge difference in the way you look and feel.

Here are just a few of the products that will kick off the Epic Era at the launch:

Epic Era Products


Epic Era Bru
Delicious, healthy and made from 100% perfectly roasted cocoa beans. Epic Brü is a superior “coffee alternative” product packed with antioxidants, abundant minerals and healthy energy.

Learn More About Epic Bru


Epic Era Oils
Interest in essential oils has revived in recent decades with the popularity of aromatherapy. Invigorate your senses, sooth your body and get lost in a delightful fragrant experience.

Learn More About Epic Oils


Epic Era Essentials
A collection of premium products specifically designed to help you maintain a healthy body from the time you wake in the morning, right on through your sweet dreams at night.

Curb | Relax | Enzymes | Everyday

That’s Not All… There’s Much More Coming Soon!

Now Open In The USA! Pre-Enroll in 100 More Countries!

The United States & Mexico now launched and shipping product. Epic is fast becoming one of the largest launches in network marketing history and will be launching 16 countries by Jan. 2014 with dozens more coming over the next 2 years!

Epic Era has just opened enrollment for the United States & Mexico as well as FREE online enrollment for 100 other countries, allowing you to position yourself early in the organization and begin pre-enrolling other people. Fill out the form on this page to enroll online and you will be given instructions on how to order product or how to pre-enroll if your country is not open yet.

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Want To Learn More? Download These PDF’s:

Epic Era Overview

Epic Era Overview